Kirsten (leopardtamer) wrote in appylovers,

Old horse gone bad!

So my first horse is about 21 years old this year....I sold him when he was 12 to a friend's little sister..but when she went away to college she gave him to the barn where we board so they could use him for lessons or lease him (She knows he will always be taken care of). Well hes decided now that hes done with this whole riding thing :) After a few different lesson kids got on him and kicked him..he now stops, backs up, rears and bucks everytime you squeeze him to trot!! They asked me to ride him to try to fix him, When i carry a whip hes fine..>ITs bad, but rather amusing!! I hope i can get him over this so he can find someone to love him!

Just thought id share. Its nice to get to ride him again at least :)
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