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Okay, I'll help liven things up here..

I went to the BAAA and IA ApHC show and futurity in Des Moines a few weekends ago to help my friends show their Imaginary Gold colts. I basically just went to watch, take pictures, and to be their designated gopher. Well, Ed hasn't shown in years and asked me if I would show his colt, I said SURE! So, I got to show in weanling halter for the first time ever! I'd never shown in a halter class before, just showmanship, and I really liked it. It's not about me, it's about the confirmation of the horse! YAY! Less pressure! That's what got me the most, I couldn't believe how lax it was... especially with the jumping and screaming weanlings! I just had to pick up and place their feet and make them set up. We ended up winning quite a bit of money! Enough to pay for the trip, plus some! We both placed well, the other colt doing better though!

It was great fun! I keep looking out in the field for who I can halter next! LOL
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